The Bee Gees are the band of my life. Without the Spice Girls I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Neither without Madonna. Alicia Keys and Billy Joel showed me that there is a place for the piano in pop music. Linkin Park were not just a young teenage rebellion, but my heroes for years. The greatest remains Paul. Barbra’s voice on the Guilty album is brilliant, but the most beautiful voice will always be Whitney’s. Melody Gardot is a revelation. Every concert of my choice leaves me high. I have always raged against Britney and have three of her albums on my shelf. Music is inconsequent. I can reconstruct every holiday by the music I listened to: Paris 2003 / Christina Aguilera, Stripped and Incubus, Morning View. When my mood is low, the stereo goes up.

What you listen to in the White Room Podcast is me, for whom music is the greatest and most powerful. I play music that I think you should have heard. At all costs. The White Room started almost six years ago as part of a university radio and has grown ever since. It is supposed to keep growing so that someday we all fit in.